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March 28, 2019

By: Marina Schroeder


You probably found this blog post because you are on the search to hear what the vaginal steaming hype is all about and how you can vaginal (yoni) steam in the privacy of your own home. Well, you’re in the right place, sister!

If you’re interested you read all about how this magical practice of vaginal (yoni) steaming came into my life here. Long story short, it was an instant love story the second I learned about vaginal steaming and I started vaginal steaming at home by myself ASAP.

Fast forward to today, I am now a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and completed a continuing education certification course specifically about vaginal steaming herbal blends (as well as lots of additional self study that usually resulted in my nose in a Chinese herbal medicine book).  

I now am honored to spread the word about this ancient practice and teach women all about vaginal steaming, including how to vaginal steam in the privacy of your own home. Total incognito mode and no one would ever know – unless you tell them, of course! 😉


This is actually not as complicated or extravagant as some like to make it out to be. Yes, you can have a whole vaginal steam sauna set up situation going on, like your own yoni throne complete with plush pillows and crystals. But it can also be as simple as preparing the herbs and then squatting over them. Or you could even get a little bit of a leg/booty work out by getting on your knees and then just lower down until you’re at a hover over the prepared herbs.

Although those are two viable options, I’ve never done a vaginal steam session with those methods. I have always used my beloved DIY steam sauna my dad and I made together. (Yes, you read that right, my dad! LOL).


Other than your vaginal steam sauna situation, there are other things to consider when vaginal steaming at home, including but not limited to:

  • When to vaginal steam (i.e. when in your cycle or if you have a specific intention for steaming)
  • What vaginal steaming herbs to use
  • How to prepare the herbs for the steam session
  • How long to vaginal steam for
  • If you will be using what I was trained to refer to as “Advanced” or “Basic” steam session setup
  • If you are able to use a steaming “cloak”
  • If you’re even able to vaginal steam (There are situations when it is contraindicated to steam)


If you’re ready to start steaming your yoni in the privacy of your own home, then check out my course The Sacred Art of Vaginal Steaming.

I break it ALL down for you and lay the foundation for you to start vaginal steaming in the privacy of your home. I provide a simple to follow step by step approach from start to finish of how to vaginal steam in your own home. In the course, I even gift you with my five vaginal steam herb blend formulas too!

Sending you lots of love on your vaginal steaming journey and see you on the inside of The Sacred Art of Vaginal Steaming!


*Please always consult with your doctor. You accept full legal responsibility for your choice to do a vaginal steam session and use vaginal steam herbs and waive the responsibility of Marina Schroeder LLC in the case that any side effects may occur. You also agree to the Terms & Conditions and Medical Disclaimer.

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