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Shamanic Journey


March 28, 2019

By: Marina Schroeder


Something that you may know about me is that I do not believe in coincidences. So, I do not believe it is a coincidence that you found (or were guided?) this blog post and are now reading this. On some level, you heard the call to learn one of the principle practices of shamanic healing, that is, shamanic journeying.

I feel so blessed recalling the first time I ever went on a shamanic journey because Dr. Steven Farmer, the author of Earth Magic and Animal Spirit Guides, guided us through it and then drummed live for the journey. I was with a small group of people at a retreat in Joshua Tree, CA. (If you’re curious about how I ended up at this retreat then you can read more about that here. It’s a story full of synchronistic events that eventually lead to me being here right now empowering women just like you with this powerful healing tool.)

To this day, I remember that first shamanic journey. Little did I know that would not only be the first of many many shamanic journeys in the years to come but also that it would become a staple part of my personal spiritual and women’s health practice. Yes, you read that right. Shamanic healing is one of the integral components I share with women who are on the Ignite Your Inner Goddess journey. AKA a journey to optimize your feminine health, reclaim your feminine essence, and deepen your spiritual connection.


In my online program (and book) Ignite Your Inner Goddess, I share about how optimizing your feminine health is SO MUCH MORE than “diet and exercise” (if you want to know how I feel about good ol’ D&E then you can read more on that here). In fact, I believe the journey of optimizing your feminine health is a holistic approach that takes the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT into equal account. The spirit factor of that triad is so often forgotten altogether with our western society.

Shamanism, including shamanic journeying, really was my primary “access point” into deepening my spiritual connection and, ultimately, a major contributing factor to optimizing my feminine health. I have gone on many shamanic journeys to seek guidance and heal from the spiritual root around a situation pertaining to my feminine body and periods. Shamanic journeying is incredibly empowering as it encourages you to trust in your intuition and embraces the belief that you have the connection to directly receive guidance. The more you journey, the stronger the connection, and the easier it becomes.


The term journeying comes from the belief that we are journeying between realities. We live in what is referred to as Ordinary Reality (OR). Non-Ordinary Reality (NOR), a term coined by Carlos Castaneda, consists of other realities that exist, where we can journey to for guidance and healing.

In my course, Shamanic Journeying 101, I share with you how to journey with shamanic drumming to two of the realities known as the Lower World (LW) and the Upper World (UW). I guide you through the journeys I first was guided through at that retreat with Steven Farmer.


Check out my course Shamanic Journeying 101… I will see you on the inside, sister! 🙂


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